2022 Chevy Spark Reviews, Pricing & Specs | Kelley Blue Book (2023)

Price: The 2022 Chevrolet Spark starts at $13,600.

The 2022 Chevrolet Spark is a subcompact hatchback. It’s not only Chevrolet’s cheapest new car, it’s one of the most affordable new cars on the market. Naturally, there’s a catch.

A low price means a low level of equipment, like manual windows and door locks, modest engine power, and a manual transmission. The Spark has a better chance of sparking joy if the buyer chooses a higher trim level. However, even the base model has Wi-Fi and smartphone integration, so maybe it’s all a question of priorities.

Where is the Chevrolet Spark made? In South Korea. This second generation of Spark has been around since the 2015 model year. How economical is the Chevy Spark? Its best figure on the highway is 38 mpg. How fast is the Spark? Let’s just say it goes from standstill to 60 mph eventually and leave it at that.

2022 Chevrolet Spark Pricing

A 2022 Spark with the manual transmission and in entry-level LS trim costs $13,600, plus a destination charge. We’d recommend at least the next level up, the 1LT, from $15,500.

The range-topping 2LT trim starts at $17K. Opting for the CVT adds $1,100. And the Driver Confidence Package for the 2LT with the automatic transmission costs $295. Adding more options could easily push the 2LT closer to $20K.

Some major manufacturers have discontinued their subcompact hatchbacks, like the Honda Fit. But the Kia Rio 5-door is around $17K. If a sedan works, the Hyundai Accent is approximately $15K, likewise the Nissan Versa.

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Before buying, check the KBB.com Fair Purchase Price to see what others in your area paid for their new Spark. Chevy’s retail site was already taking off $1,500, so there might well be more to save with a bit of face-to-face negotiating. Resale values of all the cars mentioned here are similar and quite bearable.

Driving the 2022 Chevrolet Spark

On twisting uphill stretches, it’s best to think about how to keep the momentum going. Because despite the standard hill start assist, getting things moving from a full stop is asking a lot from a little engine. We realize most people will want the automatic option, but the manual transmission allows drivers to extract what little performance the 2022 Spark has.

Freeways bring their own issues. Sound insulation is, unsurprisingly, not that great, and the car’s high sides are prone to buffeting from the wake of 18-wheelers. Stay in town, though, and the Spark’s tight turning circle makes it easy to maneuver.

Interior Comfort

Despite the Spark’s lack of length, it has plenty of height, providing generous headroom for a subcompact hatchback. Rear legroom, however, is a different matter and far less cause for celebration. And this car is a 4-seater, as opposed to the typical arrangement of seating for five.

Being one of the cheapest new cars on the market, the 2022 Spark employs cabin materials appropriate to its price. It does, at least, arrange the interior into nice designs, like the center console and the air vents at each end of the dashboard.

The front seats don’t have much scope for adjustment, and the steering wheel moves up and down, but not in or out. Finding a workable driving position, then, might be down to luck and/or patience. Shoulder room is also pretty limited, but this is a narrow subcompact hatchback.

The luggage area behind the rear seats measures 11.1 cubic feet. These rear seats split and fold in a 60/40 configuration. When they’re both folded, maximum cargo space is 27.2 cubic feet.

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Exterior Styling

To the casual observer, the 2022 Spark might look like it only has two passenger doors. The handles for the rear doors are camouflaged neatly into the rear pillars. The entire look is generally agreeable, while the large glass areas promote decent outward vision.

The 1LT trim is eligible for an optional Special Edition package that brings a black grille and black-finished alloy wheels. The Activ model’s suspension raises the ride height by almost half an inch. It also comes with a roof rack, plus side mirror housings and side sills in black. The 2LT adds more chrome.

Favorite Features

Sharing a cabin with manual windows is a rare inventory of modern features in a budget car. The 2022 Spark comes standard with Apple CarPlay/Android Auto smartphone integration, Wi-Fi, and a couple of USB ports.

The Spark is short. It can squeeze into parking spaces that drivers of larger vehicles are obliged to pass. And its back is straight, so judging distances when reversing is no problem. If more help is required, rear parking sensors are fitted to the top 2LT trim.

Standard Features

Trim levels for the 2022 Spark are LS, 1LT, Activ, and 2LT. The base LS trim is the one with wind-up windows, manual locks, and 15-inch steel wheels. Like every other Spark, the LS also has a steering wheel that adjusts only for height (not reach), single-zone air conditioning, manually adjustable front seats, and rear drum brakes (discs up front).

Sharing car space with these items is an odd collection of modern technology that’s also standard. Such as Wi-Fi, two USB ports, and Apple CarPlay/Android Auto smartphone integration. A 7-inch touchscreen controls the infotainment system. The audio setup has four speakers, and the Bluetooth setup allows connection for two devices.

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Safety features are less remarkable, except for the 10 airbags. But there’s the mandatory stability/traction control and rearview camera.

Factory Options

As we climb the trim level ladder, the 2022 Spark looks more like a pleasant form of transport. The 1LT trim has foldable keys, 15-inch alloy wheels, cruise control, power windows/locks, heated side mirrors, satellite radio, and a 6-speaker audio system. It also becomes eligible for a powered sunroof.

Activ trim has what Chevrolet describes as a Touring suspension. It brings a slightly raised ride height for a hint of crossover attitude. This trim also includes fog lamps and heated front seats.

The poshest Spark, such as it is, regains the regular suspension. This 2LT trim then adds chrome-finished door handles and grille, LED daytime running lights, keyless entry/ignition, a nicer instrument cluster, and rear parking sensors.

All trims qualify for the automatic continuously variable transmission (CVT). Combining the 2LT trim level with the CVT makes the Driver Confidence Package available, bringing forward-collision warning with automatic emergency braking and lane-departure warning. That’s it for driver assistance features — blind-spot monitoring isn’t even on the options list.

Engine & Transmission

A 1.4-liter 4-cylinder engine propels the 2022 Spark with 98 horsepower and 94 lb-ft of torque. This is known in technical terms as “not that much.” The engine is naturally aspirated, so there’s nothing like a turbocharger to enhance power and fuel efficiency.

A 5-speed manual transmission is standard, with the option of a continuously variable transmission (CVT) as the automatic alternative. Either way, that dribble of drive goes solely to the front wheels.

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1.4-liter inline-4
98 horsepower @ 6,200 rpm
94 lb-ft of torque @ 4,400 rpm
EPA city/ highway fuel economy: 29/38 mpg (manual), 30/38 mpg (auto), 29/37 mpg (Activ manual), 30/37 mpg (Activ auto)

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We require new ratings every time an all-new vehicle or a new generation of an existing vehicle comes out. Additionally, we reassess those ratings when a new-generation vehicle receives a mid-cycle refresh — basically, sprucing up a car in the middle of its product cycle (typically, around the 2-3 years mark) with a minor facelift, often with updates to features and technology.

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How many miles will a 2022 Chevy Spark last? ›

Fuel Efficiency

For city driving, the 2022 Chevy Spark comes in at 29 miles-per-gallon with its manual transmission and 30 with the automatic. On the highway, you could get up to 37 miles-per-gallon. On a full tank of gas, the Chevy Spark can manage a range of up about 297 miles.

Is the Chevy Spark a good reliable car? ›

We expect the 2022 Spark to have about average reliability when compared to other new cars. This prediction is based on Chevrolet's brand history and the vehicle category small cars.

Why is Chevy discontinuing the Spark? ›

The discontinuation of the Spark suggests customers don't want budget cars, yet Chevy sold 24,460 Sparks in 2021, which is more than most luxury models. Higher margins and the pivot from cars to crossovers might be the driving force behind Chevy's decision.

How many miles can a Chevy Spark last on full charge? ›

Combined, all of these refinements help contribute to Spark EV's 82 miles (130 km) of range and its impressive 0.326 coefficient of drag. Spark EV colors include Electric Blue, Silver Ice, Black Granite, Summit White and Titanium.

How often does a Chevy Spark need an oil change? ›

An oil change is one of the most basic and important services for your car. Chevy advocates getting your 2021 Chevy Spark oil & filter changed every 3,000-5,000 miles for conventional oil. Synthetic oil frequently should be changed every 7,500 - 10,000 miles.

Is the Chevy Spark good in the snow? ›

A compact car such as your Chevrolet Spark can serve you well in snow. In fact, Chevrolet Sparks have some advantages over larger-sized vehicles in snow. First, a Spark is lighter than the average truck or crossover. As a result, it is easier to move around and is less likely to get stuck in snow.

Is the Chevy Spark safe in a crash? ›

The Chevrolet Spark was redesigned for the 2016 model year. Moderate overlap frontal ratings are assigned by the Institute based on a test conducted by General Motors as part of frontal crash test verification.
Moderate overlap front.
Overall evaluationG
Driver injury measures
Leg/foot, leftG
3 more rows

Is Chevrolet Spark good for long drive? ›

The Spark is not particularly great for highway driving and long road trips. This is mostly due to its size and limited seat space. On the 2021 model, the Spark received an improved suspension and a better braking system.

Do Chevy Sparks have problems? ›

Unfortunately, drivers have reported other issues with Chevy Spark, beyond just transmission issues. According to CARHP, over the years, the Chevy Spark has seen issues with the engine, such as excessive oil consumption, engine shut down after hitting speed breaker, and the engine refusing to accelerate.

Is Chevy making the Spark in 2023? ›

The cheapest new car in America will be no longer after August 2022, with no direct replacement planned as Chevy focuses on crossovers. The Chevrolet Spark will be discontinued later this year, with production lasting through August, a GM spokesperson confirmed.

Why is the Chevy Spark so popular? ›

An easy-to-use supply of interior technology features and exciting exterior paint options have helped lure the highly valued demographic to the Chevy Spark and the iconic bowtie.

How much does it cost to replace Chevy Spark battery? ›

The average cost for a Chevrolet Spark EV hybrid high voltage battery replacement is between $15,176 and $15,311. Labor costs are estimated between $519 and $655 while parts are priced at $14,657.

How many years does a Chevy Spark battery last? ›

Your 2022 Chevy Spark battery will usually last between 3 to 5 years, but that can vary laboriously depending on weather conditions type of battery, battery size, and driving habits.

Does spark drain battery? ›

Print. When your engine is turned off, Spark goes into a low power mode and consumes very little battery. We recommend unplugging the device if your vehicle will be parked for an extended period of time.

Is a Chevy Spark cheap to maintain? ›

Chevrolet Spark Maintenance Costs

A Chevrolet Spark will cost about $5,893 for maintenance and repairs during its first 10 years of service. This beats the industry average for popular hatchback models by $871. There is also a 18.17% chance that a Spark will require a major repair during that time.

How much does it cost to maintain a Chevy Spark? ›

2019 Spark Hatchback 2LT 4dr Hatchback (1.4L 4cyl CVT)
Year 1Total
Taxes & Fees$1,712$2,284
5 more rows

What kind of oil does Chevy Spark use? ›

Mobil 1 - Advanced Full Synthetic 5W-20 Motor Oil, 5 Quart (Part No. 14991)

How far can a Chevy Spark go on a tank of gas? ›

2022 Spark Driving Range

The Spark has a driving range of over 340 miles to love on a single full tank of fuel.

What drive is best for winter? ›

All-wheel-drive systems deliver power to all four wheels at the same time, or they automatically engage torque to all four wheels when needed. That's why all-wheel drive is best for driving on snowy and icy roads.

Is insurance high on a Chevy Spark? ›

Chevy Spark car insurance costs on average $1,328 a year for full coverage, or $111 a month. With the average small car costing $1,569 a year to insure, the Spark costs $241 less than average per year to insure.

What is the most common problem with Chevy? ›

The most common problem Chevrolet drivers report is air conditioning issues, but Chevy models can also have rough shifting, a sticking ignition key, fuel pump failure, and fast oil consumption. Any car owner knows that at some point, your vehicle will have mechanical issues.

Is the Chevy Spark good on the highway? ›

Every 2022 Spark has an engine that's anemic at highway speeds, but it works fine around town and in traffic where the car's nimbleness shines.

What is the difference between Spark LS and Spark LT? ›

The LS has standard daytime-running lamps. The 1LT upgrades these to a set of LED daytime-running lamps. The 1LT also gets heated exterior mirrors for easy defrosting in the winter. A rear spoiler adds a nice sporty touch to the LS and 1LT models of the Spark.

Which is better Sonic or Spark? ›

Both engines are adequate for the size of the cars they power, but the Sonic does have a slight edge power-wise over the Spark.

Which is better Chevrolet Sonic or Spark? ›

Chevy Sonic comparison. Although both of these models are subcompacts, the Spark provides better fuel economy and more versatile cabin storage solutions. The Sonic, on the other hand, offers more horsepower and more room for passengers.

Is a Chevy Spark too small? ›

Size Separation. No doubt, the Spark and Sonic are small, perhaps too small for some. But for first-time car shoppers and city dwellers, both vehicles may be ideal. Moreover, they're small enough to fit in tight places, such as when parallel parking on city streets.

What is the main problems with Chevy Spark? ›

With regular maintenance, a Chevy Spark's lifespan can be as long as 100,000 miles, and it's inexpensive to boot. However, no car is perfect, and its two most reported problems have been excessive oil consumption and transmission slipping.

Do Chevy Sparks have transmission problems? ›

Such problems aren't hard to spot. Chevrolet Spark transmission problems can present themselves as shifting delays, jumping or grinding during acceleration, the car shaking on the road, or whistling noises and a burning smell coming from under the hood.

What is the safest small car 2022? ›

Best safe small cars of 2022
  • Ford Fiesta (5-star safety rating) ...
  • SEAT Ibiza (5-star safety rating) ...
  • Renault Clio (5-star safety rating) ...
  • Toyota Yaris (5-star safety rating) ...
  • Peugeot 208 (4-star safety rating) ...
  • Nissan Micra (4-star safety rating) ...
  • Fiat 500 Electric (4-star safety rating) ...
  • Vauxhall Corsa (4-star safety rating)

What car is Chevy discontinuing in 2023? ›

Chevrolet Spark

Chevy's smallest car, the sub-subcompact Spark hatchback, will be sent packing this fall because of declining sales.

What car is Chevy discontinuing? ›

Chevrolet plans to release a special-edition Farewell package for the 2024 Chevy Camaro to retire the Camaro while honoring its enduring legacy. It is expected to be available across various trim levels, including the LT, LT1, SS, and ZL1.

How many miles does a Chevy Spark get? ›

What is the Driving Range of the Chevrolet Spark? The 2022 Chevrolet Spark has more than 340 miles of maximum range to enjoy on a single full tank of gas.

How many miles does a Spark get? ›

Sporting a list of available trims for drivers to choose from, the miles per gallon of the 2022 Spark is only impacted by the transmission drivers choose. The manual transmission trim level gets 29 city miles per gallon, 38 highway miles per gallon, for 33 mpg combined.

How many miles do you change Spark? ›

The general rule of thumb about how often to change spark plugs is that they should be replaced after about 100,000 miles of driving.

Do Chevrolet cars last long? ›

How many miles can a Chevrolet last? On average, well-maintained Chevrolets have a lifespan of about 200,000-300,000 miles. As long as you perform regular maintenance check-ups and give your Chevy tender love and care, your vehicle can last well beyond the 200,000- mile mark (with some making it up to 400,000 miles!).

What are the pros and cons of Spark? ›

Pros and Cons of Apache Spark
Apache SparkAdvantagesDisadvantages
Advanced AnalyticsFewer Algorithms
Dynamic in NatureSmall Files Issue
MultilingualWindow Criteria
Apache Spark is powerfulDoesn't suit for a multi-user environment
4 more rows
30 Aug 2019

Does Spark drain battery? ›

Print. When your engine is turned off, Spark goes into a low power mode and consumes very little battery. We recommend unplugging the device if your vehicle will be parked for an extended period of time.

How much does it cost to replace spark plugs and coils? ›

Labor Charges

For a faulty spark plug replacement, you can expect to pay anywhere from $40-$350. These charges will also vary from engine to engine. For example, a repair shop may charge $60-$140 for a four-cylinder engine.

Do I need to replace all my spark plugs at once? ›

Q: Should You Replace All Spark Plugs At Once? A: Yes, as a general rule, it's better to replace all plugs at the same time to ensure consistent levels of performance.

How long does a spark last in a spark plug? ›

Most manufacturers recommend getting a spark plug replacement after every 30,000 miles (or more, for extended life spark plugs).

What problems do Chevy Sparks have? ›

Unfortunately, drivers have reported other issues with Chevy Spark, beyond just transmission issues. According to CARHP, over the years, the Chevy Spark has seen issues with the engine, such as excessive oil consumption, engine shut down after hitting speed breaker, and the engine refusing to accelerate.

Are Chevy cars worth buying? ›

Yes, they are! Chevrolet cars are absolutely reliable. Atleast more than the top-selling brand in India for sure! You can still buy a used Chevy and drive in peace without worrying about service or breakdowns!

Who is more reliable Ford or Chevy? ›

When comparing reliability ratings across Ford and Chevrolet cars, on average, Chevy tends to come out on top. The brand's pickups, sedans, and SUVs are some of the top picks when it comes to reliability.


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