267 Unique & Cool Barbershop Names + Barber Nicknames 2022 (2022)

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Are you looking for barber shop name ideas?

Then you’ve landed in the right place.

In this article, I’ve compiled the ultimate list of barber shop name ideas to give you inspiration when coming up with a name for your salon. You’ll find cool, unique, funny, and creative names for barber shops as well as some barber nicknames in case you’re looking to create a personal brand.

After the barber shop names list, I’ll also cover a few important factors to consider when finalizing your name choice to ensure the name you’ve picked is the right one.

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Now, let’s go through the barbershop name ideas!

Below are the different topics and barbershop name ideas we’ll cover today.

  • 1 Cool Barbershop Names
  • 2 Unique Barbershop Names
  • 3 Funny Barbershop Names
  • 4 Catchy Barbershop Names
  • 5 Clever Barbershop Names
  • 6 Creative Barbershop Names
  • 9 Barber Nicknames
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267 Unique & Cool Barbershop Names + Barber Nicknames 2022 (2)

Cool Barbershop Names

Your salon should attract men.

I don’t want to sound stereotypic but men tend to be more attracted to cool and funky names. This is why I want to start this list with cool barber names that have a masculine ring to them.

267 Unique & Cool Barbershop Names + Barber Nicknames 2022 (3)

Cool Barbershop Name Ideas

  1. Butch
  2. Mohican
  3. Dapper
  4. Lionico
  5. Game Day Barber
  6. Straight Razors
  7. Muscle Cuts
  8. Bulls & Barbers
  9. Rebel Rebel
  10. Rusty Blade
  11. Dark Barber
  12. Hi-Rollers Barbershop
  13. The Fade Shop
  14. Illicit Barbering (not legally permitted)
  15. Razor King
  16. Razor Cuts
  17. Lads Lounge
  18. Sideburns
  19. Urban Shave
  20. Backyard Barbers
  21. Silver Bullet Barbers
  22. Baseline Barbers
  23. Empire Cuts
  24. Barber Bomb
  25. Mug & Brush
  26. The Legend Room
  27. The Barber Shop
  28. Dope Barber
  29. Bolt Barbers
  30. The Loft
  31. Barber Loco
  32. Comb Club
  33. Lucky Barbers
  34. Noir
  35. Style Street Barber
  36. Smoke & Mirrors
  37. Gents
  38. The Pope

Unique Barbershop Names

A cool barbershop name is not right for every male salon. In the end, your name must fit what’s unique about you and your salon.

A unique name should tell your story. Not your full story. But incorporate some element that is unique to your business. Think about things like where you’re from, if there is a certain service you offer that few others do, or if you’re schooled in a certain way.

These can all be sources of inspiration for telling your story. Your name should not literally tell your story. It should just be inspired by it. It can be as vague as using a street name where you went to barber school. Even if people don’t know immediately what it stands for, it becomes a conversation starter and it makes your name unique.

Let’s go through some unique barber shop name ideas to illustrate the point.

267 Unique & Cool Barbershop Names + Barber Nicknames 2022 (4)

Unique Barbershop Name Ideas

  1. John’s Barbershop (or your name)
  2. Uncle B’s (or first letter of your name)
  3. Hestory
  4. Barberia
  5. Tailored
  6. Vogue Cuts
  7. Justache
  8. White Barber
  9. Blade
  10. Steel
  11. Salon Zeppelin
  12. Nuca Barber (Spanish – back of neck)
  13. Barber Bombinate (to make a humming or buzzing noise)
  14. Crew Cuts
  15. Mazudo
  16. No Grease
  17. The Humble Barber
  18. Brooklyn Barbers
  19. Salty Barber
  20. Manly and Sons Barber Co.
  21. Co Co Club
  22. Barbers Bazaar
  23. The Assembly
  24. Barber Republic
  25. Bangs
  26. Samurai Barbers
  27. Short Barber
  28. Pure Barbering
  29. Turkish Barber
  30. Barber Canvas
  31. Neck & Nose

Funny Barbershop Names

Using humor can be smart when choosing a barbershop name. Funny barber shop names are typically more memorable than any other type of name. Fun barbershop names also make your shop feel more approachable as people get that you’re not taking yourself too seriously.

Funny names work really well for Barbershops. The only time I’d recommend against it is if you run a really high-end barbershop. If that’s the case, you shouldn’t really be approachable but rather be distanced with a cool or classy barbershop name.

(Video) How to Come up with a Unique Salon Name? 10 Step Checklist.

267 Unique & Cool Barbershop Names + Barber Nicknames 2022 (5)

Funny Barbershop Name Ideas

  1. The Men’s Mane
  2. Lookin’ Sharp Barber
  3. The Comb Over
  4. The Mustache Man
  5. Fading Away Barber Shop
  6. Upper Cuts
  7. Twisted Scissors
  8. Blind Barber
  9. Hairitage
  10. Barberhood
  11. Praise the Razor
  12. Bold Barber
  13. The Smiling Barber
  14. The Mad Barber
  15. Heads Up Barber
  16. Director’s Cut
  17. Band of Barbers
  18. Gotta Comb
  19. Beards & Shears
  20. Big Mouth Barber
  21. Barber Brains
  22. Jack of all Fades
  23. Head Office
  24. Barbwire
  25. Bold Bloke
  26. Stone Cool Barber

Catchy Barbershop Names

Like with funny salon names, a catchy barber shop name is typically more memorable than other names. By leveraging rimes and words that fit well together, you can achieve a catchy name that people won’t forget.

The examples in the list below are trying to achieve this.

267 Unique & Cool Barbershop Names + Barber Nicknames 2022 (6)

Catchy Barbershop Name Ideas

  1. Ace of Fades
  2. Bob the Barber
  3. Barber Book
  4. Machine Men
  5. Brilliant Barbers
  6. The Shave Cave
  7. Barber Boss
  8. Barberomat
  9. Barber Blaze
  10. Bonjour Barber
  11. Backbone Barber
  12. Hansom Harald
  13. Brave Beard
  14. Perfect Pete
  15. Tom Trendy
  16. Cut Cat
  17. Hipchap
  18. Fast Fades
  19. Fist & Twist
  20. Clay Way
  21. Cut Castle
  22. Men Pen
  23. Facial Freak
  24. Barber Button
  25. Bow Barbers
  26. Style Still

Clever Barbershop Names

People appreciate it when there’s a thought behind your barbershop name. To achieve a clever barbershop name you can use names of tools you use, barber cut names or techniques that you use to also symbolize your salon brand.

Let’s look at some clever naming ideas.

267 Unique & Cool Barbershop Names + Barber Nicknames 2022 (7)

Clever Barbershop Name Ideas

  1. Clippers
  2. Blade Barbershop
  3. Blow Barber
  4. Battery Barbers
  5. Fresh Fades
  6. Uber Barber
  7. Dude
  8. Hunk
  9. Giant Barber
  10. Dandy
  11. Whiz Barber
  12. The Powerhouse
  13. Estimen
  14. Hunk Town
  15. Mama’s Boy
  16. Handsome Box
  17. Sharp Barber
  18. Layered Barber
  19. Necks
  20. Crypto Cuts
  21. No Caps
  22. Fish Comb
  23. Shears
  24. No Shears
  25. Just Blade
  26. Foam & Blade
  27. Strands
  28. Desired
  29. Man Bun
  30. Barber Express

Creative Barbershop Names

It’s easy to fall into the traditional barbershop names when trying to come up with a name. These are often stereotypical and not something that feels like a modern barbershop name.

If you want to create a concept that feels new and fresh, you probably want to come up with a creative barbershop name that signals that. To help you I’ve compiled a list of clever barbershop names below that signal creativity rather than being traditional and old fashion.

267 Unique & Cool Barbershop Names + Barber Nicknames 2022 (8)

Creative Barbershop Name Ideas

  1. Cut Creations
  2. Brotherhood Barbershop
  3. The Art of Grooming
  4. The Renaissance Barbershop
  5. Young House Barber
  6. Bombastic Barbers
  7. Modern Men Barbershop
  8. Creators
  9. Boy’s with Emotions
  10. New Barbers
  11. Men Only
  12. Barber Craft
  13. Creato
  14. The Process
  15. Barber Labs
  16. Lighthouse Barbers
  17. The Barber Show
  18. GOAT Barber (Greatest of All Time)
  19. Wicked Barber
  20. Front Men
  21. Barber Hacks
  22. Equity Men
  23. Modern Dude
  24. Gentmode
  25. Bro’s Room
  26. Trendy Fella
  27. Organic Lad
  28. Gentiq
  29. Groomify
  30. Bendway Barber
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Classy & Elegant Barbershop Names

Do you run a high-end barbershop? Then you should consider an elegant name that reflects your classy brand.

In fact, luxury and high-end brands are typically very different from regular brands. They have a history and a strong purpose. They don’t exist to cut hair or shave beards. They have a higher mission and reason for existing.

As naming a luxury business is so different compared to other salons, I’ve written a dedicated article about how to name a classy hair salon here. I recommend you check out this article in case you’re looking to start a luxury barbershop.

Let’s look at some elegant barbershop name ideas.

267 Unique & Cool Barbershop Names + Barber Nicknames 2022 (9)

Classy Barbershop Name Ideas

  1. Barberazza
  2. Cavanio
  3. Girolo
  4. Manolo
  5. Shooki Barber
  6. Luxuriate Barber
  7. Lux Barber
  8. Quinaatura
  9. Mister
  10. Lux Guys
  11. Hombre
  12. Barbaca
  13. Mahogany Men
  14. Uboco
  15. Money Men
  16. Billionaires Club
  17. Lunzo
  18. Malusi
  19. Oluxo
  20. Tratton
  21. Totem
  22. Umbra
  23. Monk
  24. Justache
  25. Perruque
  26. Couture Barbars
  27. Guanti
  28. Noir
  29. The Hive

Classic, Vintage & Old School Barbershop Names

So the creative barbershop names weren’t for you?

Are you a barber where tradition and old standards are at the center? In the below list, I’ve tried to dust off some of the really classic barber shop names. These are the vintage, old school, type names that signal that you’re a salon with history and tradition.

267 Unique & Cool Barbershop Names + Barber Nicknames 2022 (10)

Classic Barbershop Name Ideas

  1. Old Days Barbers
  2. Cut ‘N’ Shave
  3. Fellow Barber
  4. King’s Parlour
  5. Daddy’s Barber Shop
  6. The Classic Cut
  7. Old Fashioned Barber
  8. Gentlemen’s Grooming
  9. One-Stop Barber
  10. Nobel Barber
  11. Epoch
  12. Oh La La Barber
  13. Retro Barber
  14. Man’s World
  15. Old Bastion
  16. Aged Barber
  17. Barber King
  18. Chesterfield Barbar
  19. English Barber
  20. Old English
  21. Traditions
  22. Barber Rituals
  23. Gentlemen
  24. Knights Gather
  25. After Fight

Barber Nicknames

The name of your barbershop is one thing. But are you also trying to build a personal brand?

Then you might want to give yourself a cool barber nickname. Using a nickname is common among barbers. Even if a list of barber nickname ideas can be a good place to start, your nickname will ultimately be personal and something that reflects you.

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267 Unique & Cool Barbershop Names + Barber Nicknames 2022 (11)

Barber Nickname Ideas

  1. King Cut
  2. Gunner
  3. Scar
  4. Baldo
  5. Fish Boy
  6. Big
  7. Junior
  8. Tweek
  9. Cut
  10. Amigo
  11. Champ
  12. Chief
  13. Fox
  14. Papa
  15. Cobra
  16. Razor
  17. Mad Dog
  18. Thor
  19. Dutch
  20. Boar
  21. The Owl
  22. Shagro
  23. Grandpa
  24. Lucky
  25. Paco
  26. Jo Jo
  27. Rusty
  28. Tank
  29. Boris
  30. Dreads
  31. Wolf

Avoid the common mistakes when picking your business name

I've put together a free guide for you to download. You can use this workbook to learn how to select the best beauty salon name for you. It’s easy to follow and covers all the steps you need to know to ensure the name you pick will be a success.267 Unique & Cool Barbershop Names + Barber Nicknames 2022 (12)

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If you’re still in need of even more name alternatives, I’d recommend you check out my list of 2754 Unique Salon Names (Hair, Beauty, Barbershop, Spa, Nail).

And, if you haven’t done so already, make sure you check out my video with my best barbershop names below.

I have also put together a list of barbershop logos that I recommend you check out. In this article, I’m also walking you through some tips to make sure you create a barber logo that will stand the test of time and fit the image of your barbershop.

You may also want to browse my list of barbershop slogans. You may find some good taglines to use with your name there.

Note that this article is part of my overall guide for opening a salon. If you haven’t done so already, I strongly recommend you check out my opening a salon checklist here.

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Who is the most famous barber? ›

1. Ambroise Paré (1510-1590) was a famous barber in history who worked back when barbers cut hair and performed surgeries. He worked for Henry II, Francis II, Charles IX and Henry III.

How do I sell myself as a barber? ›

Here are 5 tips to create a barbershop business plan and promote yourself as a barber.
  1. 1) Start with Your Barbershop Space. ...
  2. 2) Know Your Market to Build Barber Clientele. ...
  3. 3) Take Word of Mouth Advertising for Your Barbershop. ...
  4. 4) Market Your Barbershop on Social Media. ...
  5. 5) Hand Out Barber Business Cards and Network.
29 Jul 2020

How do you get your barber name? ›

Tips for Creating Memorable Barber Shop Business Names with Important Keywords
  1. Sideburns.
  2. Snip and Shave.
  3. Fresh Fades.
  4. Better Buzz.
  5. Get Buzzed.
  6. Supreme Snips.
  7. Super Snips.
  8. A Cut Above.

What is a male barber called? ›

The term barber usually refers to a male hair stylists, but in truth, gender is not the deciding factor between who is a barber and who is a hair stylist—the main difference is that barbers are licensed to shave with a straight razor, in addition to all the other hair styling skills.

How do I name my shop name? ›

Tips for choosing a catchy shop name
  1. Keep it short and simple. ...
  2. Be different. ...
  3. Consider your online presence. ...
  4. Get creative with your domain name. ...
  5. Be original. ...
  6. Find new inspiration.
2 Sept 2022

What is a lady barber called? ›

Gender distinctions in many job titles are disappearing. In this century, a barber whose gender is female is commonly called "a barber." The job qualifications for both males and females are the same.

Who is a barber in simple words? ›

A barber is a person whose occupation is mainly to cut, dress, groom, style and shave men's and boys' hair or beards. A barber's place of work is known as a "barbershop" or a "barber's". Barbershops are also places of social interaction and public discourse.

How old is the youngest barber? ›

At age seven, Neijae Graham-Henries also known as the world's youngest barber, found her passion when her brother chose to discontinue the Junior Barber Academy in North Philadelphia.

Can a barber be successful? ›

Old barber shops offered all sorts of services next to the classic beard trim and close shave. Running your own barber shop these days is quite the money maker, as long as you do it right. A successful barber shop is not an easy task to undertake, and you need to invest time and effort to do it properly.

How much do barbers get paid? ›

Average Working Wage of a Barber

The mean annual wage of a barber is $30,480. Barbers in the 75-90th percentile can make between $37,490-$48,480 annual salary. The average hourly and annual wages of barbering vary, however, according to your location and position.

Is barber an English name? ›

BARBER. English: occupational name for a barber, from Middle English barb(o)ur 'barber' (Anglo-Norman French barber, Old French barbier, from Late Latin barbarius, a derivative of barba 'beard').

Is barber a last name? ›

The Barber family name was found in the USA, the UK, Canada, and Scotland between 1840 and 1920. The most Barber families were found in USA in 1880. In 1840 there were 451 Barber families living in New York.

What is the highest level of barbering? ›

The level 3 (NVQ) Diploma in Barbering is based on the National Occupational Standards for Barbering. It is a job ready qualification which requires learners to demonstrate in the workplace the skills and knowledge required for advanced barbering within the Hair industry.

What's another word for barber? ›

Synonyms of barber
  • stylist.
  • hairdresser.
  • hairstylist.
  • haircutter.
  • beautician.
  • coiffeur.
  • cosmetologist.
  • coiffeuse.

What is a 3 in barber terms? ›

Number 3 Haircut

The # 3 haircut implies taking the hair to the three-eighths in. length. This is the longest fade haircut that barbers use. Similar to the #2 clipper length, it is still quite short thus easy to maintain.

Who cuts hair called? ›

A hairdresser is a person whose occupation is to cut or style hair in order to change or maintain a person's image. This is achieved using a combination of hair coloring, haircutting, and hair texturing techniques.

What is a catchy name? ›

If you describe a tune, name, or advertisement as catchy, you mean that it is attractive and easy to remember.

How do I name my small shop? ›

Guidelines for Business Name Ideas
  1. Understand your business. You need a solid understanding of your business — its purpose, vision, mission and target audience. ...
  2. Use descriptive words. ...
  3. Be literal. ...
  4. Choose a name style. ...
  5. Avoid hard-to-spell names. ...
  6. Tell a story. ...
  7. Get feedback on the name. ...
  8. Don't be too narrow.

Why are barbers called? ›

The word “barber” comes from the Latin word “barba,” meaning “beard.” Ancient civilizations believed that spirits entered people through the hair on their heads and faces. Ideology held that only by cutting a person's hair could these evil spirits be eliminated. For this reason, barbers were held in high esteem.

What's another word for haircut? ›

synonyms for haircut
  • crew cut.
  • hairdo.
  • hairstyle.
  • bangs.
  • bob.
  • pompadour.
  • shingling.
  • trimming.

What are front haircuts called? ›

Bangs (North American English), or a fringe (British English), are strands or locks of hair that fall over the scalp's front hairline to cover the forehead, usually just above the eyebrows, though can range to various lengths.

Is barber a skill? ›

Many of today's barbers use the same equipment, practice the same techniques, and retain the atmosphere of barber shops of long ago. In fact, not much has changed in barbering, as this profession is considered an art form that requires skill, training, a steady hand, and a sharp eye.

Was a barber a doctor? ›

Barber-surgeons were medical practitioners in medieval Europe who, unlike many doctors of the time, performed surgery, often on the war wounded. Barber-surgeons would normally learn their trade as an apprentice to a more experienced colleague. Many would have no formal learning, and were often illiterate.

What gender is a barber? ›

Answer. barber does describe someone who cuts hair, it's not really a gender-neutral term. Barber is typically used to refer to a male who cuts the hair of other males. However, there are several terms used to describe women who cut hair.

Who is the oldest barber? ›

Aged 105, Anthony Mancinelli is the world's oldest practicing barber. He was born in Italy in 1911, and the Mancinelli family moved to Newburgh, New York, when Anthony was 8 years old. He started learning the barbering trade aged 12, as a way of helping his parents support the family.

Is it hard to be a barber? ›

Barbering is an exhausting job and can be terribly hard on your body. Your muscles, your skeletal system, your joints—everything is going to hurt, suffer, and burden you. You're not just standing, you're rotating, angling, stooping, craning, and requiring all-out physical exertion to do your job right.

How old is a fade haircut? ›

The fade hairstyle dates back to the 1940s. It is also worn in various branches of the military. In recent years, the fade hairstyle has grown more and more popular, not just in men but also young children, who increasingly ask their parents for fade style haircuts.

Is barber a happy job? ›

Barbering is both a passion and a profession. It's an exciting industry worth billions of dollars and continues to grow as time passes. As a career, it's fun, rewarding, has the potential to make good money, and has great job prospects.

Is a barber a high paying job? ›

The average salary for a Barber is £26,122 in London, UK.

What makes a great barber? ›

Look for a barber who's well practiced and who regularly performs great haircuts. A great barber will be familiar with a variety of techniques, will have an excellent eye for detail, and will be able to work with clients who have different hair types and styles.

How do barbers attract people? ›

11 Barber Shop Marketing Ideas, Tips & Strategies
  1. Pass out business cards.
  2. Pass out Flyers.
  3. Give away free haircuts.
  4. Network with other local businesses.
  5. Join BNI groups.
  6. Posting on Social Media Daily.
27 Feb 2020

How do barbers get busy? ›

The SIX habits of becoming a busy barber
  1. BE THERE. It sounds silly but don't be that barber that blocks out the morning for a lie in or blocks out the last few appointments to go the pub. ...
  2. BE VISIBLE. ...
19 Feb 2020

How can a barber stand out? ›

How to Make Your Barbershop Stand Out from the Competition
  1. Take Note of the Competition. In any business, it is important to monitor the competition and learn from its successes. ...
  2. Keep Up to Date on Trends. ...
  3. Don't Forget the Shop Furniture. ...
  4. Social Media. ...
  5. Deliver a Complete Experience. ...
  6. Customer Reviews. ...
  7. Take Care of Your Staff.
14 Jul 2022

How can a barber make 100k? ›

To reach $100k working a standard 40-hour work week, you will need to be making $50 per hour. If you are charging $25 per haircut, that means you need to be doing two haircuts every hour. Keep track of your time. Use tools like your phone to time yourself on each haircut.

How much do you tip a barber? ›

Hairdressers, barbers, manicurists: 15 to 20 percent

For men, your lifelong barber should receive about a 15 percent to 20 percent tip, too.

Where do barbers make the most money? ›

In 2021, people employed as barbers in the state of Washington earned a mean annual wage of approximately 53,000 U.S. dollars, the state with the highest earning barbers in the United States. In that same year, barbers in the United States earned on average approximately 17 U.S. dollars per hour.

Is barbershop all one word? ›

View American English definition of barbershop.
barbershop ​Definitions and Synonyms.

How do you spell hair barber? ›

Barber.” Merriam-Webster.com Dictionary, Merriam-Webster, https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/barber. Accessed 21 Nov. 2022.

Is Cut a name? ›

The Cut surname finds its earliest origins with the ancient Anglo-Saxon culture of Britain. Their name is derived from a baptismal name meaning the son of Cuthbert.

Is barber a German name? ›

Meaning and Origin of: Barber

Jewish (Ashkenazic) : occupational name from German Barbier 'barber'. Catalan : occupational name for a barber, barber (see 1). Americanized form of any of numerous cognates of 1 in different languages, for example Spanish Barbero, Portuguese Barbeiro, French Barbier, Italian Barbieri.

Is barber a Irish name? ›

Barber Family History

Meaning 'the barber', Barbour and Barber are occupational names from a person who cut hair, shaved beards, practised surgery, and pulled teeth. This name is of Anglo- Celtic origin and is found throughout England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

What are barber grades? ›

Haircut Grades: Grades are the different lengths that you can get your hair cut too. For instance, a number 3 haircut is shorter than a number 4 haircut. Neckline: The neckline is important, make sure the barber shows you how high they're cutting it and whether it's flat or in a V.

What is a 4 barber? ›

Traditionally, clipper sizes have at least eight guards, with each clipper size depicting how much hair will be left on your head after using. Number 1 clipper: 1/8 inch. Number 2 clipper: 1/4 inch. Number 3 clipper: 3/8 inch. Number 4 clipper: 1/2 inch.

What is the best salon name? ›

Sophisticated Beauty Salon Names
  • A Touch of Class.
  • Belle Curls.
  • Mia Bella.
  • Pretty Parlor.
  • Serenity Salon.
  • Tres Beaux.
  • Total Transformation.
  • Beauty Bounty.
27 Jun 2020

What's a cool name? ›

  • Jack.
  • Harper.
  • Jacob.
  • Asher.
  • Aiden.
  • Luna.
  • Wyatt.
  • Leo.

How do you create a unique name? ›

By reading the naming strategies below you'll certainly pick up useful skills in creating cool character names.
  1. Pick a One Word Name. ...
  2. Go Wild With Humor. ...
  3. Make the Name Match. ...
  4. Reverse the First and Last Name. ...
  5. Repeat. ...
  6. Use Your Name. ...
  7. Use an Anagram Generator. ...
  8. Add a Prefix or Suffix.

How do I make my salon famous? ›

Marketing Online
  1. Social stylists. Coach your stylists on how to capture the best photos of their work on social media as well as how to share to draw new clients with their effort. ...
  2. Manage your reputation. ...
  3. Google Ads. ...
  4. Facebook Ads. ...
  5. Update your website. ...
  6. Publish your salon's own blog. ...
  7. Contribute to top salon blogs. ...
  8. Run a contest.

What are some creative business names? ›

Unique business name ideas
  • Arctic Wolf Neworks, Inc (cyber security)
  • The Zebra (car insurance comparison website)
  • Purple Mango (this is the name for a cafe, a skincare and laser office, and a media company)
  • Blue Kite Web Solutions LLC.
  • The Maroon Door (restaurant)
  • Unchained Carrot (marketing)
  • The Orange Goat (restaurant)
8 Nov 2021

How can I make my hair salon unique? ›

15 Unique Salon Marketing Ideas To Keep Customers Coming Back
  1. Offer personalized discounts based on events in your clients' lives. ...
  2. Give your clients a 'behind-the-scenes' look at your salon. ...
  3. Offer an on-the-spot discount. ...
  4. Entice repeat clients with a value-add service. ...
  5. Let your clients in on the future of your salon.

What is catchy name? ›

If you describe a tune, name, or advertisement as catchy, you mean that it is attractive and easy to remember.

What makes a good brand name? ›

It's vital that the name is distinctive, authentic, memorable, enduring, and defensible, so it resonates with your target audience, sticks in their minds, builds and maintains trust with your consumers, and remains relevant as your company evolves.

What is a salon slogan? ›

Catchy Beauty Salon Slogans

We'll style while you smile! Share your style. Beauty is our duty. Get prim and proper with us. Beauty doesn't have to be painful. .


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