Genesis Water Softener Reviews (How Do They Compare?) (2023)

Genesis Water Softener Reviews (How Do They Compare?) (1)

While you are searching for a new salt-based water softener, you may have come across a brand called Genesis.

They are made by a less well-known manufacturer called Discount Water Softeners.

Part of the reason they are one of the least recognized water softener brands is because they are sold predominantly online and have no physical store presence.

Does that make the Genesis line of water softeners a bad choice? The answer to that question is no. That’s why here I will take a closer look at two of this water softener line’s best-selling models.

Genesis Water Softeners Key features

Here are the key features that apply to each Genesis water softener.

1. Genesis Premier Water Softener

Genesis Water Softener Reviews (How Do They Compare?) (2)

Effective Hard Water Mineral Removal Solution

There is simply no better way to remove problematic and limescale-forming calcium, magnesium, and other hard water minerals than by using the ion exchange process that takes place in salt-based water softeners.

That is the same technology that’s found in the Genesis line of water softeners. They almost completely remove all the hard water-causing minerals that pass through the system.

Programmable Control Head

If you are familiar with the maintenance steps that water softeners routinely require and are turned off by that, then you will want a water softener model with a programmable control head such as this one.

(Video) Comparing Genesis Water Softener Systems

Its control head rests on top of the resin tank and will automatically control such aspects of the important water softener backwashing process (cleaning cycle) such as how often it needs to be done and at what time of day this hour-long cycle initiates.

Many users appreciate this company’s digital metered water softener technology. The company’s integrated turbine meter is the key factor here. It also helps make their softener brine tanks easier to maintain.

Advanced Upflow Technology (Provides Salt & Water Usage benefits)

One of the biggest reasons that people choose salt-free water softeners over more traditional salt-based water softeners is that they produce no wastewater and there is no need for routinely adding salt to the system.

Maintaining salt-based water softeners can be a real headache for those that desire soft water in their homes.

Although these two negative traits of salt-based water softeners cannot be eliminated, different technologies have been created to minimize salt and water usage.

One of those technologies is an upflow design such as the Genesis line of water softeners use.

This technology can reduce salt usage and wastewater because it forces trapped hard water minerals in the resin tank toward the drain and not down through the clean resin.

1.25” Plumbing for Increased Flow Rates

Some water softener models are known to greatly impact the water flow through a home once their resin gets dirty. This manufacturer has taken some steps in the design of their water softeners to help prevent this.

They have done this by using 1 ¼” pipe in the system’s resin tank and other plumbing. It helps keep water pressure in the home steady no matter what the cleanliness condition is inside of the water softener.

The water softeners that are made by Discount Water Softeners are one of the few that do not use more traditional 1” plumbing pipe inside of them.

(Video) Discount water softener, Genesis 2 upflow softener problem. Company review.

Available in 24,000 to 96,000 grain sizes

Water softening is by no means a one-size-fits-all water treatment task. The bigger your home, the bigger the grain capacity that’s needed to effectively keep your home’s water free from calcium, magnesium, and other hard water minerals.

That’s why it’s great that the Genesis Premier line of water softeners are available with several different grain capacities in their resin tank.

This includes 24,000; 32,000; 40,000; 48,000; 64,000; 80,000; and 96,000 grain capacity softeners.

That means even the smallest and largest sized homes can take advantage of Genesis water softeners to provide them with beneficial soft water.

Each will work on homes supplied by both city water and that have a well.


  • Effective hard water mineral removal solution
  • Programmable control head
  • Advanced upflow technology (saves water & salt)
  • 1.25” plumbing for increased flow rates
  • Uses the highest rated 10% crosslink resin
  • Available in 24,000 to 96,000 grain sizes
  • Brine tank salt grids help prevent salt bridging
  • Add-ons available
  • Lifetime control head and tank warranties


  • Produces wastewater
  • Connection kit not included
  • Requires a power outlet or direct wiring
  • Periodic maintenance needed
  • No included sediment filter

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2. Genesis Premier Duo Water Softener with Added KDF-85 Filter Media (Recommended for well water)

Genesis Water Softener Reviews (How Do They Compare?) (3)

This system has all the same important features as the Genesis Premier Water Softener line mentioned above with one big bonus. That’s added KDF-85 filter media.

Something that is very helpful when it comes to purifying well water. This type of filter uses an oxidation-reduction (REDOX) process to remove certain types of impurities that pass through it.

The contaminants that KDF-85 (Kinetic Degradation Fluxion) filter media removes includes iron, hydrogen sulfide (causes the common well water rotten egg smell), lead, nickel, chromium, and some other potentially harmful metals that are commonly found to be dissolved in well water.

(Video) How Does a Genesis Water Softener Function? 💦


  • Effective well and city water hard mineral removal solution
  • Adds KDF-85 media into the treatment mix
  • Programmable control head
  • Advanced upflow technology (saves water & salt)
  • 1.25” plumbing for increased flow rates
  • Uses the highest rated 10% crosslink resin
  • Available in 24,000 to 96,000 grain sizes
  • Highest rated 10% crosslink resin included
  • Brine tank salt grids help prevent salt bridging
  • Add-ons available
  • Lifetime control head and tank warranties


  • Produces wastewater
  • Connection kit not included
  • Requires a power outlet or direct wiring
  • Periodic maintenance needed
  • No included sediment filter

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If you are a DIY type of person with even a little plumbing know how, then you most likely can hook up either of these water softener models very easily.

All that’s needed is some extra plumbing pipe & fittings to connect the system to your incoming water line and setting up a drain line and electrical outlet.

There is a connection kit that’s available from the manufacturer to do the incoming water line hookup but sadly it’s not included in the package and there is an extra charge for it.

Included in the package for the Genesis Premier Upflow On-Demand system are:

  • Metered 1.25″ control head
  • Advanced Aldex resin (10% crosslink highest durability and capacity resin)
  • Water softener bypass valve
  • Water softener salt tank (large capacity holds over 200lbs. of salt)
  • Tank jacket
  • Salt grids for the brine tank
  • Overflow float assembly

I also recommend that you purchase a sediment prefilter to be installed before the system to help filter out large size contaminants such as dirt, rust, and sand.

This will keep these impurities from impacting the effectiveness of your new water softener. Sadly, the manufacturer does not include a sediment prefilter in this system’s package.


As with all salt-based water softeners, you will find yourself performing some periodic maintenance on a Genesis water softener.

This includes no need to purchase, take home, and periodically add large salt bags to its brine tank.

There is also a regeneration cycle that needs to be periodically undertaken but much of this is initiated by this system’s advanced and programmable control head.

(Video) Genesis 2 Upflow and Premier Water Softener Unboxing and Programming

You will also have to clean the salt tank periodically and make sure the system’s drain line does not plug up.

How Do They Stack Up Against Competitor Softeners?

Overall, there is a lot to like about the Genesis line of water softeners. The problem for me and I think some others too is they do not have many features that jump out at you.

The best thing going for them is their lower price point compared to other similar types of water softeners. That’s not a bad thing because most who own them do not complain about how they work.

That in itself is a very good sign and may make it worth taking a chance on this lightly known brand of water softeners.

Genesis water softeners being less well-known also played a role in them being left off our list of the top model water softeners for well water and best water softeners review.

The Last Word on Genesis Water Softeners

I like to refer to this line of water softeners as ‘the mystery brand’ because so little is known about the manufacturer. What we do know is that these have proven to be a reliable water softening option for many.

Although I must add that you should not be totally fooled by the manufacturers name ‘Discount Water Softeners’ because I would not call a Genesis water softener a budget priced model.

It must also be said that they are water softeners that are well-reviewed by those that have purchased them, and their programmable control head is very nice to have to eliminate some of the normal salt-based water softener maintenance demands.

If I was seriously looking to purchase a Genesis water softener. I would consider the Genesis Duo Water Softener with Added KDF-85 Filter Media first if my home was supplied with well water.


Who makes Genesis water softeners? ›

The Genesis Upflow, high efficiency water softeners are manufactured by a company that has been in business for over 50 years. They have offices available in the USA and Canada. Discount Water Softeners is the only company to carry the Genesis name, and we currently only sell our line through our website.

Are GE water softeners reliable? ›

Generally, the GE Water Softener is a pretty good system that will likely get rid of your hard water problems, if you're looking for a salt-based water softening system. It's NSF certified and it can get rid of up to 95 grains per gallon -- which is more than you'll probably ever need.

Are some water softeners better than others? ›

The difference between a good water softener and a bad one is the efficiency in which these hard water minerals are removed. High-efficiency softeners use much less salt and water needed to regenerate, reducing waste and energy costs. Ion exchange is the only way to truly soften water.

How long do GE water softeners last? ›

While they can last much longer if well maintained, water softeners have a typical lifespan of between 10 and 15 years. If your water softener was installed more than a decade ago, replacing it may be the right option.

Is Genesis a Chinese company? ›

The initial Genesis vehicle was marketed in South Korea as the Genesis G90, which is the brand's flagship model. In late 2016, the brand launched in the United States with two models: the G80 (previously sold as the Hyundai Genesis) and G90 (previously sold as the Hyundai Equus).

Where are Genesis parts made? ›

So now we've established that the Hyundai Motor Group owns Genesis Motors, but where are Genesis cars made and marketed? Genesis luxury models are designed in Rüsselsheim, Germany, Namyang, South Korea, and Irvine, California in the United States. They are produced and manufactured, however, in Ulsan, South Korea.


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