The 10 Best Pool Skimmer Basket Reviews and Guide in 2022 (2023)

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Maintaining and keeping a pool clean is a tough job but to make things easier, there is countless pool equipment to protect your pool and pool system and keep it clean and tidy at all times.

One of such pool maintenance accessories is the pool skimmer basket, also called the pool strainer basket.

Designed to save pool filtration systems a lot of stress and even makes it possible to use fewer pool chemicals in the pool, pool skimmer baskets serve as an extra filter basket for your pool.

Pool owners know how important a pool skimmer basket is. Hence finding the best pool skimmer basket or replacement pool skimmer basket for your swimming pool is a huge mission that we are here to help you embark upon.

Introducing the 10 best pool skimmer baskets reviews.

The 10 Best Pool Skimmer Basket Reviews and Guide in 2022 (1)

Top 3 Recommendations

Best Overall Hayward Custom Molded Product Replacement Basket

Runner UpSuper Pro Generic Hayward B-152 Skimmer Basket

Best Appeal GVT SP-HP Skimmer Basket

The 10 Best Pool Skimmer Basket Reviews

1. Custom Molded Product Replacement Basket – Best Hayward Skimmer Basket Replacement

Do you own Hayward skimmer models in your pool and are in need of a replacement? Then the Custom Molded Product Replacement Basket would fit perfectly for you.

As a reputable brand, Custom Molded Products is a well-known brand that designs and builds basket replacement skimmers for countless pools. Hayward automatic skimmers are one of their main models.

One of the main reputable features of this model is the fact that the model is designed for the continuous flow of water even when the basket is filled with other debris.

Asides from the allowance for continuous flow, the 5-1/8 inches by 5-3/4 inches by 8-1/4 inches basket is a standard size that you can easily fit into your filtration system.

The model also features super easy and fast installation for easy emptying and re-installation.

Finally, the basket offers assured quality as it is made from high-quality plastic material designed to handle the pool’s harsh chemicals and last longer.


  • Perfect for all Aladdin and Hayward models
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Universal fitting
  • Durable make able to withstand harsh pool chemicals


  • The handle is not so strong

2. Super Pro Generic Hayward B-152 Skimmer Basket – Best with Pool Skimmer Socks

Many skimmer baskets work fine on their own to catch the regular-sized debris, but very few work with the likes of skimmer socks like Super Pro Generic Hayward B-152 does to hold other debris.

Measuring 7-1/8 inches in top diameter, 5-5/8 inches in bottom diameter, and 5 inches in height, the small meshed-size basket couples perfectly with skimmer socks to hold finer and smaller debris within your swimming pool.

Designed with durable and high-quality plastic, the product holds its ground come rain come sun, and with harsh chemicals flushing around in the pool.

This basket features a sturdy handle and can hold as much debris as possible without cracking under pressure.


  • Perfect to match with skimmer socks
  • Small mesh to hold smaller debris
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Serves as a good replacement for Hayward skimmers


  • The handle is not so strong

3. GVT SP-HP Skimmer Basket – Best Affordable Replacement Skimmer Basket

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Pool owners want to replace their basket with an affordable and top-quality choice, then the GVT SP-HP basket is calling your name.

Designed to fit the likes of Hayward automatic skimmers, Jacuzzi Deckmate, Pacfab, American Products Skimmers, and SwimQuip, this 8-7/16 inches by 6-1/8 inches by 12-15/16 inches works for them all with very little money to get it right.

To boost its list of qualities, the model is equipped to protect the motor of your pool filter from overheating and running dry, thanks to the vented handle.

Also, installation-wise the universal fitting basket allows for ease of removal without touching the water thanks to the handle. And, the universal fitting also makes it a great choice for inground pools.


  • Affordable
  • Easy installation without the need for professional help
  • Uniquely designed handle for practicality
  • Universal fitting


  • Small-sized compared to other skimmer baskets
  • Fills up easily

4. ATIE Pool Skimmer Basket & Vac-Mate Basket Replacement Skimmer Basket – Best Small Sized

The best pool skimmer baskets are not always large, some are medium-sized and small-sized, like the ATIE Basket & Vac-Mate.

With total dimensions measuring 8 inches in diameter for the top ring, 5-1/2 inches for bottom diameter, and 5 inches in diameter for the bottom, this non-weighted basket fits perfectly as a replacement for a variety of Hayward skimmers, Pentair Bermuda, Swimrite, Swimquip, Aladdin, amongst others.

Despite its small size, the small meshed size works effectively to capture leaves and other debris to save your pool filter from regular servicing and also makes it so that you’ll have fewer pool chemicals needed for your swimming pool.

In addition to the quality plastic make, the lightweight basket is also chlorine-resistant, allowing for longer use.


  • Lightweight and small-sized
  • Fits many skimmer models
  • Made from chlorine-resistant plastic
  • Beautiful looks


  • Non-weighted
  • Not so strong

5. Custom Molded Products CMP Vented Handle FlowSkim Skimmer Basket – Best Vented Handle

For pool owners concerned about keeping their pool filter safe and protected in a more advanced way, a basket with a vented handle like the CMP model is a good go-to.

Designed with a vented handle FlowSkim model that allows water to bypass the basket even when full, you don’t have to worry about the pool’s skimmer causing any damage to your pump.

In addition to the durable and uniquely designed handle, the basket itself is made from high-quality and durable plastic material designed to protect it from pool chemicals and to ensure longevity.

The 8-5/16 inches by 5-3/4 inches by 5-3/6 inches weighted at the bottom basket is also easy to remove thanks to its special vented handle that features a secure grip, making the entire cleaning process easy breezy.


  • Functional vented handle
  • Allows for better water circulation even when full
  • Strong and durable
  • Easy to remove with the special handle
  • Nice grip on the handle


  • A bit expensive

6. Pentair 08650-0007 Sta-Rite U-3 Skimmer Basket – Best Handle

If you own a Pentair skimmer in your home and need the best sturdy and Pentair fitting replacement basket for your skimmer, the Pentair Sta-Rite model is the best fit for you.

The major feature of the Sta-Rite model is the sturdy metal handle features which add weight to it, allowing it to stay put in the water and for easy lifting and removal whenever necessary.

As a genuine Pentair brand replacement model, the basket is designed to fit most Pentair skimmers like the Pentair U-3 vinyl liner skimmers. The Pentair Bermuda skimmer also fits other models like Hayward SP-1070 Skim master skimmer.

Measuring about 5.25 inches in height, 8.5 inches in top width, and 5.75 inches in bottom width, the model is wide enough for a larger collection of debris.

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  • Designed to fit most Pentair skimmers
  • Large size to hold more debris
  • High-quality with long-lasting capacity
  • Features a metal handle


  • The handle may be slippery and pop out during use

7. U.S. Pool Supply Swimming Pool Plastic Skimmer Replacement Basket – Best 2-in-One

As a prominent name in the pool accessories supply, U.S Pool Supply is well-known for durable, quality, and super functional products. The U.S Pool Supply Swimming pool skimmer replacement basket is no different.

The first sign of quality assurance is the number of items you get once you purchase the replacement basket. On purchase, you get 2 8 inches by 5-1/2 inches by 5 inches non-weighed baskets for your skimmer.

Furthermore, the high-quality material basket is designed to withstand sun and rain with an extra touch of withstanding pool chemicals thanks to its chlorine-resistant plastic mesh construction.

As a functional and effective basket, there is the assurance of keeping your swimming pool clean and your filtration components protected.

And for further quality assurance, buyers have a 1-year warranty for replacement or refund on the product.


  • The package includes 2 baskets for the price of one
  • Basket material is high-quality and chlorine-resistant
  • Functional and easy to use
  • Offers 1-year warranty for replacement and refund


  • Not so durable

8. Wadoy Above Ground Pool Skimmer Basket Replacement – Best for Above Ground Pool

Above-ground pool owners know that their skimmers are not just any type and require their own type of basket to fit adequately into the skimmer.

Thanks to Wadoy skimmer basket, owners of above-ground swimming pools do not have to worry anymore.

Designed to fit most above-ground pools with Pentair HydroSkim skimmer 513330 and Hayward SP1091WM DynaSkim, this uniquely designed basket works perfectly to keep the pools clean.

Measuring 4.7 inches at the top, 3.75 inches at the bottom, and with a 3 inches height, the compact and medium-sized mesh basket is made from durable plastic resin perfect for withstanding any harsh weather conditions and weight.

Finally, in terms of functionality, the model is designed to operate at maximum water flow while prolonging the pool’s filter life.


  • Suitable for above ground pools
  • Small-sized and compact
  • Durable made from plastic resin
  • Perfect for some Hayward and Pentair skimmer models


  • Small size won’t hold much debris
  • Not so strong

9. GVT inc HP Skimpro Skimmer Basket – Best Tower Vent Model

Tower vent handles are innovative handle models designed to save your filter and make your filtration system last longer, and GVT inc HP Skimpro basket offers that and more.

The tower vent handle on the model is designed to save and protect the pump motor of your pool filter from overheating while still working optimally by allowing pool water to pass through continuously, even when filled up with debris.

Also, the basket is suitable for Pacfab, Hayward automatic skimmers, SwimQuip, Jacuzzi Deckmate, and American Products Skimmers with a guarantee of durability and sturdiness.


  • Features a vent tower handle
  • Designed to protect the filter
  • Universal fitting
  • Long-lasting and durable


  • A little too small
  • Doesn’t hold much debris

10. Pentair Bermuda Gunite Skimmers – Best for Gunite and Vinyl Liner

The Pentair Bermuda Gunite and Vinyl skimmer basket is a one-of-a-kind basket model for many Pentair Bermuda skimmer owners.

With 5-1/2 inches in length, 5-1/2 inches in height, and 8-1/2 inches in width, the Pentair Bermuda gunite and vinyl liner skimmers basket is designed to perfectly fit all vinyl liner dimensions of all skimmers that fall under the category.

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Asides from being a great choice for Pentair skimmers, it features a metal handle that pairs perfectly with the lightweight plastic-made basket for easy removal and cleaning.

Also, keep in mind that the basket is a perfect fit for inground pool skimmers and comes at a very pocket-friendly price.


  • Perfect for most Pentair skimmers
  • Features a metal handle
  • Lightweight basket for easy usage
  • Small-sized and compact


  • Not as strong as other baskets
  • Only suitable for Pentair skimmers


What is a pool skimmer basket?

The 10 Best Pool Skimmer Basket Reviews and Guide in 2022 (12)

Pool skimmer baskets are accessories that are part of the pool’s filtration system and are designed to prevent large debris or floating surface debris from entering the pool filter pipes.

Pool skimmer baskets are fitted into various corners of the pool. They are linked to the pool filtration system so that when the pool pump motor works and the water is being pumped, any large debris on the pool surface is pulled to the skimmer baskets with the help of continuous water flow.

How to clean a pool skimmer basket?

The 10 Best Pool Skimmer Basket Reviews and Guide in 2022 (13)

To clean the skimmer basket, begin by turning off the pump to avoid dirt entering the pipes, then remove the skimmer lid that protects the top of the basket.

Afterward, remove the skimmer basket and empty it out of all the debris collected.

You can rinse out the basket afterward for proper cleaning. Once done, install the skimmer basket back into the skimmer, place the lid on the basket and turn the pump back on.

Keep in mind that skimmers and skimmer baskets require regular maintenance, as a clogged skimmer basket could reduce the efficiency of your pool pump and exert more work on the pool pump motor.

How does a pool skimmer basket work?

The 10 Best Pool Skimmer Basket Reviews and Guide in 2022 (14)

A pool skimmer basket works by trapping or collecting all the debris before being pulled into the pumping system.

It is an essential component of the pool skimmer as pool skimmer would not be collecting debris without it, and this would lead to the clogging and damaging of the pool filtration system.

Why does my pool skimmer basket float?

The 10 Best Pool Skimmer Basket Reviews and Guide in 2022 (15)

Ideally, a skimmer basket is not supposed to float, and the only reason why it does so is due to excessive air in the pump or the filter whenever you open the air cover at the top.

To stop your skimmer basket from floating, use a rock to keep it down or recheck the locking mechanism between the skimmer and the basket to ensure that it is in place.

Buying Guide


The 10 Best Pool Skimmer Basket Reviews and Guide in 2022 (16)

When it comes to pool skimmer baskets, most skimmer baskets are plastic made as this is the easiest and most durable material to use to withstand the pool chemicals and hold the weight of the debris collected.

And since most are plastic, you must look for those made from high-quality plastic material for assured long-term use as poor quality plastic will corrode over time, leading to cracks and breakage in the parts of the basket.

Look out for baskets made from thick and damage-resistant plastic that can withstand wear and tear from the weight of the debris in the basket.

Although some lightweight plastics are great choices due to the ease of transportation, they are not so strong and give in to the weight of the debris fast, leading to cracks and easy breakage.


The 10 Best Pool Skimmer Basket Reviews and Guide in 2022 (17)

Keeping in mind that pool skimmers come in different sizes, shapes, and designs, you need to know that before getting a basket for your skimmer or a replacement skimmer basket, you must consider how well it will fit your pool skimmer.

Skimmer baskets fit different types of pool skimmers, and you need to know the type that matches your pool setup.

There are in-built skimmers for inground pools, robotic skimmers or automatic skimmers for above-ground swimming pools, and manual skimmers to manually handle floating debris at the pool surface.

The type of basket used for an inground pool may be different from the one used for an above-ground swimming pool and ordinary pool skimmers, too as many pool skimmers have different dimensions.

A way to ensure compatibility is to check the brand of your skimmer first and confirm the measurements, as certain brands use specific measurements unique to their models.

Most replacement baskets and new baskets come with lists of the kinds of pool skimmer they are compatible with, so you won’t have any issues finding the right one for your pool skimmer.

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The 10 Best Pool Skimmer Basket Reviews and Guide in 2022 (18)

Pool skimmer baskets are dirt and debris trappers that require regular cleaning changes whenever they are full.

A good pool skimmer basket should be easy to install with all parts fitting compactly with the pool skimmer to ensure no loose ends and that the basket stays in place at all times.

Some baskets feature a twist-lock installation system, while others are weighted and held in place by gravity.

Whichever model or type you decide on, keep in mind that the best pool skimmer baskets always have easy installation.

Performance and Durability

The 10 Best Pool Skimmer Basket Reviews and Guide in 2022 (19)

One of the many things that makes a pool skimmer basket the best pool skimmer basket is its durability and performance.

Most pool skimmer baskets are designed to resist and withstand harsh pool chemicals, at least to a great extent, and that is already a plus to its performance and durability.

Another plus to the basket surviving for a long time is UV resistance. Skimmer baskets are always exposed to the sun, and being plastic materials, the sun will be harsher on them, and this will cause them to weaken over time and lose functionality.

A UV-resistant skimmer basket will be able to withstand the sun’s harsh rays leading to longer usage and better performance.


The 10 Best Pool Skimmer Basket Reviews and Guide in 2022 (20)

While some pool skimmer baskets do not have handles, most skimmer baskets feature handles to facilitate usage. A basket handle should be sturdy to carry, move around and remove whenever needed.

The handle materials vary from short metal rods or metal handles that are strong and effective to handle, especially when dealing with an overfilled basket, to plastic handles that are lighter and easier to carry as they don’t weigh much.

There are also tower vents or extended vented handles that are taller and are located at the top of the skimmer basket.

These types of handles feature vent holes designed for continuous water flow through the rest of the basket even when the basket is full.

The extended or tower vented handles are highly encouraged because with the continued flow of the swimming pool water, even when the skimmer basket is full; your pool pump won’t run dry from a clogged or filled-up basket.

And also because the extended handle makes it easy to reach and remove the basket for cleaning and replacement.

Debris Type

The 10 Best Pool Skimmer Basket Reviews and Guide in 2022 (21)

Before you decide on the skimmer basket type you want, consider the type of debris you want your skimmer to deal with on a daily basis.

While some baskets are designed with small or regular-sized holes for regular-sized debris like bugs, leaves, and rocks, there are pool skimmer socks that are like dirtbags.

These pool skimmer socks are suitable to handle smaller debris like pollen, sand, and other debris that the regular-sized baskets cannot hold.

And you can also use an inground pool vacuum to get rid of the tiniest form of dirt that you can find around the pool.

Concluding Thoughts

As vital components of every pool skimmer, the best pool skimmer baskets are the best friends of every swimming pool owner.

Buying pool skimmer baskets can truly be a hassle, be it an inground pool skimmer basket or a manual pool skimmer basket.

And knowing just how vital they are, a guide on the best things to look out for really saves users a lot of time.

In conclusion, pool skimmer baskets can be easy to get; once you go through this article, you will find out just how easy it can be and hopefully make the perfect choice for your pool skimmer.


How do I know what skimmer basket to buy? ›

Not all skimmer baskets are the same size. To identify your skimmer basket, locate the manufacturer's name and model number or measure your skimmer basket.
Step 6: Determine What Type of Skimmer Basket You Have
  1. On the cover of the weir door.
  2. On your skimmer basket cover.
  3. The basket itself.
  4. Basket base, bottom, or rim.

What is the most durable pool skimmer net? ›

The Skimmie Pool Skimmer Net – Best Overall

The Skimmie Pool Skimmer Net is the ultimate solution to your pool maintenance needs. Featuring a heavy-duty design with a sturdy stainless hook, this skimmer reaches the bottom of the pool to collect leaves, debris, and critters. With a capacity to remove 25 lbs.

Do skimmer baskets matter? ›

But first: Remember that the skimmer basket is the first line of defense for removing debris from your pool. If you don't empty it, you put unnecessary strain on the pool pump that can shorten its life. This also applies to emptying the pump basket.

Is a bigger protein skimmer better? ›

If you feed your tank heavily, then choosing a skimmer that is considered oversized for your tank will offer the most performance. On the flip side of that, if you tend to be a light feeder, then choosing an oversized skimmer will usually result in less than desirable results.

Should you vacuum pool with skimmer basket? ›

You need to leave the skimmer basket in under the skim vac plate, this allows the skimmer basket to catch your debris, and you can empty it quickly without having to turn your pump off and on like you would without it.

How do I make my skimmer suction stronger? ›

Solution. The fix is quite simple. Open the valve that fills your pool and make sure it reaches the recommended levels for the size of your pool and your skimmer. The water level must be at around half of the opening of the skimmer to ensure a steady state of water pressure.

What are the three types of skimmers? ›

These skimmers generally include drum skimmers, brush skimmers, weir skimmers, and some belt skimmers.

How deep should a pool skimmer be? ›

The level at which pool skimmers function properly is between one third and about half way up the opening of the pool skimmer. If the water level is too high the debris floating next to the opening may pass by without being pulled into the skimmer.

What is the healthiest pool system? ›

Ultraviolet systems provide the healthiest water available for pools & spas by dramatically reducing chlorine and other chemicals we have traditionally used. Chlorine used to disinfect swimming pools is widely recognized as a health hazard.

What is the lowest maintenance pool system? ›

Fiberglass pools need the least maintenance, and they cost the least ($3,750 over 10 years).

Can a pool be too full for skimmer? ›

The type of skimmer you have actual has a lot to do with a pool that may be over filled. Some skimmers have a floating door in the opening which can allow for debris to get sucked into the skimmer when the pool is shut off.

Can you put shock in skimmer basket? ›

Never pour pool shock into the skimmer. For vinyl liner pools, it's recommended to pre-dissolve your chlorine shock before adding to the water.

How often do you need to clean a skimmer basket? ›

#1. Clean Out the Skimmer Basket Once a Week

The skimmer is located on the side of your pool and is responsible for skimming the surface of the pool before debris have a chance to sink to the bottom.

How often should I clean my skimmer basket? ›

Clean out your pool skimmer at least once a week.

Also, if you don't skim debris off the water surface fast enough, the debris will sink to the bottom. This can cause staining and other water issues. So it's important to keep debris out of your pool water at all times.

Do you have to do water changes if you have a protein skimmer? ›

Without a skimmer, you may have to perform a 100-gallon water change every week. With a protein skimmer, you may be able to reduce that to just two 80-gallon changes per month.

How many hours a day should I run my protein skimmer? ›

Skimmers should be run 24 hours a day. But be aware that there will be some periods of the day when the skimmer will produce more foam than others, but that is normal. Shortly after feeding or doing a water change or adding certain additives the skimmer will foam greatly for a while.

Do I need to run protein skimmer 24 7? ›

To sum it up, running your protein skimmer pretty much all the time is your best approach to ensure your get the maximum benefit of nutrient export, gas exchange, and a stable pH at all times.

What does baking soda do for a pool? ›

Baking soda, also known as sodium bicarbonate is naturally alkaline, with a pH of 8. When you add baking soda to your pool water, you will raise both the pH and the alkalinity, improving stability and clarity. Many commercial pool products for raising alkalinity utilize baking soda as their main active ingredient.

Why dont you put shock in a skimmer? ›

Adding Pool Shock Through Your Skimmer

But since making this one can literally blow up your pool's filter system, we recommend avoiding it at all costs. Combining calcium hypochlorite or dichlor pool shock and chlorine creates a deadly gas.

What happens if you have too much stabilizer in your pool? ›

Too much stabilizer can begin to lock the chlorine in your pool (chlorine lock) and render it useless. There is no exact level of stabilizer that guarantees chlorine lock. We can however determine a pool is over stabilized by testing for stabilizer levels and seeing if any problems are occurring.

Do you leave the skimmer basket in when vacuuming to waste? ›

Make sure to empty all skimmer baskets. If you vacuumed on waste, you will need to turn your filter to the “rinse” setting, turn on the pump and let it run for about 30 seconds, and then turn the pump back off. Make sure to set your filter back to “filter” after you do this.

Do you leave skimmer basket in when vacuuming pool to waste? ›

Now, here answers the question earlier: do you leave skimmer basket in when vacuuming pool? YES, you need to remove the skimmer or strainer basket before attaching the open end of the hose to the inlet. Finally, plug the open vacuum hose into the suction port.

How do I get algae off the bottom of my pool without a vacuum? ›

You can use borax to scrub away algae sticking to your pool walls. The borax, like baking soda, will kill and loosen the algae. Dead algae particles will keep floating and sinking to your pool bottom no matter what product you use for killing them.

How long does it take to break-in a new skimmer? ›

A new protein skimmer requires a break-in period of about 1-2 weeks before it reaches optimum performance. Why? For one, all skimmers need to run for some time to allow all residual oils on the acrylic from production and handling to break down before it will build a steady head of foam.

What are the 2 holes in the bottom of a skimmer for? ›

When you closely inspect your pool skimmer, you will notice two holes. One hole goes directly to your pump. The other hole goes down to the floor drain, usually located in the middle of your pool. The diverter's primary function is to divert water suction from the skimmer to the floor drain.

Can you add baking soda directly to skimmer? ›

Instead, start off adding the required amount (e.g., 1.25 for 10,000 gallons of water) of baking soda that can raise the alkalinity of your pool to 10ppm. You can sprinkle your baking soda over the surface of the pool, or you pour into a skimmer.

Do you add baking soda to the skimmer? ›

Pour the baking soda into the deep end of the pool.

To avoid cloudiness in the water, pour the baking soda directly into the skimmer.

How do you maximize suction? ›

One of the easiest ways to increase vacuum cleaner suction is to empty the dust collection bag. Dust containers need to have enough space for airflow, otherwise, they could get clogged and have less suction power. Regularly check your dust compartment and empty or change it when it's already 70-80% full.

How do I know what size skimmer I need? ›


Size refers to the maximum diameter of the inlet. For example, a 4” Faircloth Skimmer® has a 4” maximum orifice size. Each Faircloth Skimmer® includes a plug and adjustable cutter for making an orifice (hole) smaller than the inlet to customize the flow rate for the particular basin.

What are the disadvantages of skimmers? ›

Although suction skimmers are generally very efficient, one disadvantage is that they are vulnerable to becoming clogged by debris and ice and require constant skilled observation. Suction skimmers do not do very well in rough or choppy water because the wave action will force more water than oil into the skimmer.

How many skimmers do I need? ›

How many skimmers do I need? The Association of Pool and Spa Professionals (APSP) advises that there should be a minimum of one skimmer per 400 sq. ft. of pool surface area.

What is the ideal water level in pool? ›

Your pool water level should reach one third to one half of the way up the pool skimmer's opening. A pool skimmer operates most efficiently when covered halfway with pool water.

Do you close skimmer when backwashing? ›

Turn the filter valve handle to RINSE and ensure the handle locks in place. Allow the rinse process to occur for 1 minute or until the water is clear. Turn off the pump. To prevent water from entering the filter from your pool, close the skimmer valve.

Should I cover my pool skimmer with water? ›

The skimmer should not be completely covered with water. You need air space to trap floating debris. A skimmer assembly covered with water will suck in too much liquid and not enough air. The skimmer may not be able to take in all of the debris with a lower water level.

Does a pool skimmer basket make a difference? ›

The skimmer basket: the skimmer or strainer basket collects the debris before it is pulled into your pump. This is an essential component of the skimmer as without the basket, debris will clog and damage your filtration system.

Which oil skimmer is best? ›

3F Flow Control weir skimmers are easily deployable and well-suited for a wide range of oil removal jobs.
  • ORTS® Oil Removal & Transfer System. Complete oil removal system all on one skid.
  • ESS® Enclosed Skimming System. ...
  • Frame Mounted Systems.

How do I choose a protein skimmer? ›

Build Quality: A good quality skimmer should feel solid in your hands and not feel like it's going to fall apart. If it's made of inexpensive materials, like cheap acrylic or acrylic that is too thin, that is usually a sign to stay away.

Why should you not put chlorine tablets in skimmer basket? ›

We never recommend adding your chlorine tablets to the skimmer or pump. Your pump and filter are the two driving forces that keep your pool clean and healthy. If you put your tablets in the skimmer, the tablets will dissolve and form highly acidic water.

Should you put chlorine tablets in skimmer basket? ›

Never put chlorine tablets into the skimmer baskets of your pool. Some pool companies will put chlorine tablets directly into the skimmer baskets of the pool. Never allow anyone to put chlorine tablets in these skimmer baskets.

Should skimmer run all the time? ›

To sum it up, running your protein skimmer pretty much all the time is your best approach to ensure your get the maximum benefit of nutrient export, gas exchange, and a stable pH at all times.

Does protein skimmer make water clearer? ›

By effectively removing protein and other organic waste materials, protein skimmers maintain a healthy aquarium environment. Protein skimmers allow the primary filtration system to perform more efficiently and also provide numerous other benefits for superior water quality and clarity.


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